Certified Installer Program

Why Hire a Vericom Certified Installer?

Having knowledgeable, experienced and well-trained contractors ensure a better return on investment for the end user’s network infrastructure. Vericom Certified Installers are selected based on their expertise and professionalism. Vericom certifies only respected, well established structured cabling installation organizations with trained technicians. Each certified installer has been trained on the latest networking standards and installation practices, and are commited to using quality cabling, connectivity, and network infrastructure products.

Extended Cable/Connectivity Warranty

Along with our high-standard line of quality products, Vericom offers extended periods and competitive warranties exclusively to installations completed by Vericom Certified Installers.

Vericom warranties let you know our products are free from manufacturing defects and will support any ANSI/TIA-568 and ISO/IEC standards and IEEE applications, and that they have been properly installed, tested, and registered. By choosing a Vericom Certified Installer, end users have taken the first step toward peace of mind that their structured cabling system performance will exceed all industry cabling system standards

Factory Training and Certification

Vericom offers comprehensive technical support and standards-based certification courses for all installers in the program. The goal is to create an alliance between the manufacturer and network infrastructure solutions contractor base. This helps to guarantee installers have the knowledge to install, test, and ensure the quality performance of Vericom products. Training courses offer some of the following:

  • Copper and Optical Fiber Transmission Principles
  • ANSI/TIA and/or ISO/IEC Telecommunication Standards
  • Field Testing and Installation Best Practices

Have Questions?

Contact the Vericom Installer Program Manager.


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