Vericom Surplus Showcase

Welcome to the Vericom Surplus Showcase! To thank our partners, enjoy exclusive deals on surplus items, bringing high-quality Vericom products to your business at reduced prices. Additionally, purchases qualify for personal gifts based on the order total.

Vericom Surplus Showcase

Buy Surplus Products, Earn Personal Gifts:
Spend $250-$499 for a Nest Mini;
$500-$999 for a Nest Hub;
$1,000+ for an LG UHD 43" TV.

Step 1: Notify Us of Your Upcoming Qualifying Order

Before you place your qualifying order, please fill out this quick form. This step is necessary to ensure we can ship your gift quickly and to the correct location after your purchase.

Step 2: Choose Your Surplus Products

Browse our Qualifying Surplus Products section below. Select items that meet or exceed the dollar threshold for the gift you aim to receive.

Step 3: Place Your Qualifying Order

Online: Log into your Vericom website account, add selected Surplus products to your cart, and complete your order. Don't have an activated account? Email us at [email protected] for setup.

Offline: Prefer a more personal touch? Contact your Vericom representative, email [email protected], or call us directly at (865) 671-4455 to place your order.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Products and Personal Gift

After your purchase, expect a call or email from us confirming your order details, including your Vericom products and the personal gift you've earned, with no further action needed from you.

Questions about this promotion? See our FAQs and Promo Video, email [email protected], or call (865) 671-4455. We're here to help!

Qualifying Surplus Products

Explore all the eligible Surplus products below. Remember, you must spend at least $250 on these items to qualify for your free personal gift.