Vericom & BH&A Partner To Enhance Service In Florida

Published: January 10, 2024

Vericom Global Solutions is excited to announce our strategic partnership with Brad Hahn & Associates (BH&A), a highly-regarded manufacturing rep firm in Florida. This collaboration will significantly enhance the availability of our network infrastructure and connectivity solutions, making them more accessible to a much larger audience in the Florida market.

Expertise and Dedication: The Hallmark of Our Partnership

Brad Hahn, the founder of BH&A, brings over four decades of industry experience, which is invaluable in representing our diverse selection of solutions. BH&A's commitment to trust and integrity aligns with our core values at Vericom, ensuring a partnership based on reliability and professionalism.

Catalyzing Growth Through Enhanced Distribution

BH&A will play a crucial role in connecting Vericom's products with a broad network of distributors in Florida. Their strategic approach to business development and commitment to fostering long-lasting relationships will drive growth and increase the accessibility of our products throughout the state.

Shared Vision for Long-Term Success

Our partnership with BH&A is grounded in a mutual vision of long-term success and sustainable market expansion. Brad's focus on creating value-added partnerships and his dedication to responsiveness perfectly complement our mission of delivering high-quality, innovative solutions.

Envisioning a Connected Future in Florida

We are enthusiastic about what the future holds with Brad Hahn & Associates. This partnership promises to unlock new opportunities, expand our distribution network, and contribute to a more connected landscape in Florida.

For more details or inquiries about our partnership with Brad Hahn & Associates, please contact us or email Brad at [email protected].