Vericom & STG Partner To Enhance Service In Midwest US

Published: June 19, 2023

Vericom Global Solutions is excited to announce our new strategic partnership with Structured Technologies Group, a leading Manufacturers Rep Firm in the Information Transportation Systems and Access Control/Security industries. This partnership will bring our connectivity solutions closer to Midwest organizations.

Enriching the Product Line for Midwest Customers

Our partnership allows Structured Technologies Group to boost its product offerings with our vast selection of connectivity solutions. This enriched product line will give their customers in the Information Transportation Systems and Access Control/Security industries access to more top-tier connectivity products.

Extending Our Influence in the Midwest

This partnership strengthens Vericom Global Solutions' presence in the Midwest, as Structured Technologies Group will promote and help facilitate the distribution of our connectivity solutions in the region. This increased influence will enable more Midwest organizations to benefit from our high-quality products and advanced technology solutions.

Driving Collective Growth and Synergy

Our collaboration with Structured Technologies Group underpins our shared vision for growth and cooperation. Our focus is to aid our business partners, spark innovation, and provide first-rate customer service.

Join Our Journey to a More Connected Midwest

Discover how our partnership can benefit your organization by reaching out to us or Structured Technologies Group. Together, we aim to shape the future of connectivity in the Midwest, enhance product diversity, and drive growth in relevant industries.

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