Vericom & S3 Reps Partner To Enhance Service In Western US

Published: June 15, 2023

"We are thrilled to announce the transformative partnership between Vericom Global Solutions and Strategic Sales Solutions (S3 Reps). This collaboration brings enhanced distribution channels and local representation for Vericom's comprehensive network infrastructure and connectivity solutions in select states of the Western US," said Todd Philpott, Vericom's National Sales Manager. He further noted, "This addition to the Vericom sales team will greatly enhance our brand positioning in the Western US, and with S3 Rep's assistance, will open up the distribution channel for many of our western & northwestern customers."

Expanding Reach in Select Western US States

S3 Reps, an esteemed Manufacturers Rep Firm, has joined forces with Vericom to provide dedicated local representation in key states across the Western US. Through this partnership, we ensure that customers in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico have seamless access to our wide range of network infrastructure and connectivity solutions. By leveraging S3 Reps' expertise and extensive network, we deliver high-quality products and advanced technology solutions to empower organizations in these regions.

Unleashing Synergy and Opportunities

This powerful partnership exemplifies Vericom's commitment to customer-centricity and innovation. By collaborating with S3 Reps, we unlock synergistic opportunities that drive the growth and success of our customers. Combining Vericom's comprehensive product line with S3 Reps' strategic representation streamlines the procurement process and fosters strong, lasting relationships with our valued customers.

Delivering Unparalleled Customer Support

At Vericom Global Solutions and S3 Reps, delivering exceptional customer support is a top priority. With S3 Reps' local presence and expertise in these select Western US states, we provide prompt assistance, tailored solutions, and unmatched customer service to organizations in these regions. Our partnership represents our unwavering commitment to going above and beyond for our customers, ensuring their success at every step of their network infrastructure journey.

Empowering Western US with Advanced Solutions

We are excited about this strategic partnership, which promises remarkable value for our customers in the Western US. With S3 Reps, we expand the availability and accessibility of our network infrastructure and connectivity solutions, enhancing our market presence and equipping organizations with the latest industry advancements. This collaboration drives innovation and empowers organizations to meet their evolving network infrastructure needs, ensuring robust and reliable solutions that optimize performance.

For inquiries or to discuss how our partnership can benefit your organization, contact us or S3 Reps today.

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