Product Video: RG6 Termination Options



Proper termination is crucial to the performance of an RG6 coax cable. An improper crimp, loose connection, or damage to the shielding can result in signal loss, signal degradation, a ground loop, and many other problems. Watch this video and learn how to use our RG6 termination options to prepare, connect, and test an RG6 coax cable for a reliable, secure, and high-performance connection every time.

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Products Shown in Video...

Coax Hex Crimping Tool

Coax Stripping Tool

F-81 Barrel Connectors - Bag of 50

RG6 Coaxial Cable

RG6 Dual Shield Hex Crimp Connector - Bag of 100

RG6 Dual Shield Twist On Connector - Bag of 100

RG6 Quad Shield Hex Crimp Connector - Bag of 100

RG6 Universal Compression Connector - Bag of 50

Ratcheting Coax Compression Tool