Product Video: VGS™ One Step Termination Tool



Vericom proudly introduces a feature tool to our line of Copper Cabling Accessories — the VGS™ One Step Termination Tool. This tool is designed for efficiency, accuracy, and consistency in the termination process.

The tool comes with an ergonomically designed handle for easy one-handed operation, ensuring great performance and comfort at the same time. Located on top of the handle, our tool also provides a lock mechanism that holds the tool closed to avoid damage to termination blades during transport in tool bags.

Most importantly, let us now focus on what lies in the head-seat of our tool: the integrated termination and trim all in one squeeze. Remember all the precious time you’ve lost in trimming each conductor individually or reaching for a separate flush-cut tool after placing conductors in a termination cap just to reach the desired length for the best connection? Our integrated blade trims your conductors as you press them into the VGS™ modular connector — no more trimming and retrimming — how great is that?!

Say goodbye to compromised connections and wasted termination time — one squeeze of the VGS™ One Step Termination Tool, you are set for maximum connection performance.

For more information or to place an order, please contact your Vericom representative, call (865) 671-4455, or email [email protected].

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