Vericom Smart Micro Data Center

As edge computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), and other transformation technologies are taking hold in various industries, demand is on the rise for micro data centers.

What are micro data centers? They’re essentially what they sound like – standalone rack-level systems containing all the components of a standard data center, but with a much smaller footprint. Here are a few reasons why interest in micro data centers is increasing:

  • They can handle compute for localized data from devices, sensors, and customers without sending it back and forth from the cloud, resulting in less expense and better latency, especially for environments where distribution and processing speeds are priority (ex. retail, healthcare, and finance).
  • They can be more efficient on power and provide energy savings.
  • They are compact and designed to be passively cooled and quiet.

Vericom understands for organizations to successfully adapt to edge computing, they must have manageable and protected solutions that can be deployed conveniently, consistently, and near the source of computing. That’s why we’ve developed our Smart Micro Data Center – a comprehensive micro data center allowing organizations to deploy professional and dynamic IT resources virtually anywhere.

View the video below to learn more about our Smart Micro Data Center and the benefits it brings to organizations. 

*** Please note our Smart Micro Data Center is only available in select markets at this time. ***