Flexibility and ease-of-doing business are two attributes why our customers state they like best about our company. Vericom is looking to develop a working relationship with our customers to help our customers grow their business.

1.  Download, Complete, and Sign the Credit Application
There may be other requests pending a review of the application.
Customer Application  Customer Application
2.  Gather Other Necessary Paperwork

Please provide the following business documents along with your customer application:

Resale Certificate & W-9 (Required.)
Tax Exemption (Optional. For Non-Profit & Government Entities)
3.  Review Other Forms
Terms & Conditions  Terms & Conditions
Returns Policy  Returns Policy
4.  Submit All Required Paperwork
Once completed you may mail, fax, or e-mail a copy of each required document.
Vericom Global Solutions, Credit Department
2511 Westcott Blvd.
Knoxville, TN  37931
(F) 865-671-4497
[email protected]
5.  Place Your First Order
Thank you for your interest in Vericom Global Solutions. For timely processing of your credit and new account information, please make sure to provide all of the required information completely and accurately.  Once approved, customers may also purchase directly on the Vericom website.  See below for more details.
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