New Product Alert: Wall Mount Racks

Wall mount racks free up floor space while keeping network components, AV equipment, and other hardware properly secured and easily accessible. With many variations on the market to choose from, wall mount racks that feature an open frame design are the best choice when it comes to holding equipment in place without restricting access. Discover how our new Wall Mount Racks with open frame design provide an efficient use of space, easy storage and airflow for IT equipment, and much more.

Options available for purchase:

  • 8U Model (Item #: VW5-5081)
  • 15U Model (Item #: VW5-5151)
  • 30U Model (Item #: VW5-5301)

Who is it for?

Installers requiring a compact, economical rack that keeps IT equipment organized in tight spaces.

What problem does it solve?

Organizes and stores IT equipment in locations with limited floor space.

Standout features:

  • EIA-compliant 19” mounting rails with 10-32 tapped holes and printed RU markings
  • Provides 18” of equipment depth
  • Supports up to 150 lbs. of equipment (see individual spec sheets for specific weight capacities)
  • Available in 8U, 15U, and 30U

Bottom line for our distribution partners:

Installers will find our Wall Mount Racks with open frame design to be the ideal solution for keeping IT equipment safe and operating at a high level of performance without sacrificing valuable floor space.

Ways to order:

  • Contact your Vericom representative
  • Purchase online from (with an approved Online Purchasing Account)
  • Call the Vericom Sales team at (865) 671-4455
  • Email the Vericom Sales team at [email protected]

Additional information:

For more details on this product, including technical drawings and specifications, please visit its product page:

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