Yizhou "Joey" Zhang Joins Vericom As Operations Coordinator

Vericom is thrilled to welcome Yizhou "Joey" Zhang to the team as our new Operations Coordinator. Joey recently graduated from The Pennsylvania State University, where he received an honors bachelor's degree in Art History and a bachelor's degree in Philosophy. He was also a visiting student at Oxford University, St. Catherine's College. His specializations included 20th century philosophy, as well as modern and contemporary art history with a focus in photography. He conducted his undergraduate thesis work (titled "Wolfgang Tillmans: World-Making") on visual aesthetics from the 1980's to present time.

Joey assists each and every department within our organization by managing daily business activities and vital administrative tasks. He is responsible for the smooth daily operations of Vericom. He loves the work environment and, in just the short time he has been here, has already enhanced communication between our teams to boost overall efficiency.

In his spare time, Joey likes reading, studying, and writing about art works and visual culture. He also enjoys letter writing as he is intrigued by traditional forms of communication that are becoming obsolete in a tech-driven world.

Please join us in welcoming Joey to the Vericom team!