Vericom Surplus Inventory Sale

This sale is only for you and a select few we recognize as our most loyal customers. It features several surplus products to help you stock up on everything your business needs at a very low cost. You'll find special pricing on bulk category cable, TV mounts, and much more . We don't offer these types of sales very often, so be sure to take advantage of this one while you can!

 About This Sale

  • Sale is active until all items are sold.
  • All items are in new condition and sold on a first-come, first-served basis while they last.
  • Items and on hand amounts subject to change without notice - please contact us to verify availability.
  • Follow the links below (if available) for product details or contact us for further product information.

How To Order

To place an order, please contact your Vericom representative, call (865) 671-4455, or e-mail [email protected].

Sale Items

Item Code Item Description On-Hand Sale Price
Bulk Category Cable
MBW6A-04378AB CAT6A UTP CMR 650MHz 1Kft Blue 3 $160.00
MBW6A-04379AB CAT6A UTP CMR 650MHz 1Kft White 20 $160.00
MBW6A-04380 CAT6A UTP CMP 650MHz 1Kft Blue 28 $375.00
 Bulk Coaxial Cable
 BCS59-03544  RG59 Cu+18/2 CM 500ft Reel-In-Box Black  58 $84.00
Power Products
XPSAD-04346 Comcast EPS-22 Power Supply 65144 $3.75
HDMI Cables
 WV1142  HDMI 36AWG With Ethernet + RedMere 3FT Blk 1089 $0.50
XHD05-11520  HDMI 30AWG NP 1.5M Blk  20 $0.50
XHD05-11521  HDMI 30AWG NP 1.5M Blk  79591 $0.50
Connectors & Adapters
PCT TRS-59 Con RG59 PCT Bag of 50 784 $2.00
Keystone Jack Modules
MKJ3U-04057 CAT3 RJ14 Keystone Jack - Light Almond 1 $0.50
 Cable Management
XACCM-01417 Dual Feed Thru Bushing - Bag of 100 180 $1.50
Standard Wall Plates
XFPMP-04154 FP 1XF81 1Gng Mid Ivr 312 $0.15
XFPMP-04155 FP 2XF81 1Gng Mid Ivr 2148 $0.15
XFPMP-04156 FP 1XRJ14 1Gng Mid Ivr 1115 $0.15
XFPMP-04158 FP 1XRJ14 1XF81 1Gng Mid Ivr 1582 $0.15
XFPMP-04159  FP 1XF81 1Gng Mid LAlm 493   $0.15
 XFPMP-04160  FP 2xF81 1 Gng Mid LAlm 1998   $0.15
  XFPMP-04161 FP 1xRJ14 1 Gng Mid LAlm 1339  $0.15
  XFPMP-04162 FP 2xRJ14 1 Gng Mid LAlm 2079   $0.15
 XFPOP-00467CT FP 1xF81 1Gng Wht  50  $0.15
XFPOP-00484 FP WMt 1xRJ14 Ivr 779 $0.40
Keystone Wall Plates
XFPAC-01432 Empty Hex Kystn Jck Wht 10/bg 9489 $0.10
XFPOP-04716 FP 1xF81 1Gng Blk 51198 $0.05
Surface Mount Boxes
XFPOP-01473 Srfc Mt Bx 1xRJ14 LAlm 420 $0.13
XFPOP-01477 Srfc Mt Bx 1xRJ45 Shld LAlm 400 $0.20
XFPOP-00475 Srfc Mt Bx 2xRJ14 Wht 200 $0.18
XFPOP-01474 Srfc Mt Bx 2xRJ14 LAlm 500 $0.18
XFPOP-01402 Srfc Mt Bx 2xRJ45 Shld Ivr 291 $0.30
XFPOP-01399 Srfc Mt Bx Kystn 1Port Ivr 310 $0.16
XFPOP-01475 Srfc Mt Bx Kystn 1Port LAlm 3137 $0.16
XFPOP-01476 Srfc Mt Bx Kystn 2Port LAlm 43 $0.16