Featured Product: LED Cabinet Light

Due to their design obstructing overhead lighting, network cabinets and similar enclosures very often have little to no illumination inside. Additionally, setup and installation of internal illumination can be difficult because of limited space and access to power sources. Discover how our LED Cabinet Light overcomes these challenges and lights up spaces for faster, finer work!

Options available for purchase:

Who is it for?

System administrators and other IT professionals/enthusiasts.

What problem does it solve?

Provides motion-activated and hands-free lighting inside a network cabinet or similar enclosure for maximum visibility to perform maintenance and other tasks efficiently and without costly mistakes.

Standout features:

  • Pivoting magnetic base
  • 27 LED lights
  • Dual voltage power supply with 5 ft. cord
  • Green indicator light when motion detection is active

Bottom line for our distribution partners:

Our LED Cabinet Light allows your customers to easily, and very cost-effectively, illuminate a network cabinet or similar enclosure for improved efficiency, productivity, and safety.