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For March 2014, VERICOM, a global manufacturer of cable and communications solutions, wants to help our customers create a fanfare for their businesses with the March 2014 Parade of Satellite Products Promotion, highlighting the wide range of products from VERICOM designed for all aspects of the broadband and satellite industries.

From coaxial cable, available in dual and quad shield in both spools and reel in box, to 900 MHz splitters and 3 GHz splitters, VERICOM offers a multitude of products for the broadband and satellite industries. VERICOM also offers a number of VERICOM broadband and satellite accessories, including the VERICOM Coax Hex Crimping Tool, VERICOM Coax Stripping Tool, VERICOM Modular Crimping Tool, VERICOM Premium Universal Compression Tool, VERICOM Pocket Toner for Broadband and Satellite, VERICOM Satellite Finder and the VERICOM Type 110 Punchdown Tool.

VERICOM can further the broadband and satellite presence of your company with a wide range of products that include HDMI cables, component and composite audio video cables, CAT5E bulk cable and CAT6 bulk cable, CAT5E patch cords and CAT6 patch cords, coaxial jumpers available as economy coaxial jumpers and VERICOM premium ultra coaxial jumpers, as well as AC to DC Power Adapters and 2 conductor and 3 conductor Power Cords.

VERICOM also offers black or white RG-6 Solid Copper Dual Shield 60% coverage reel in box cable that features 1,000 feet of VERICOM Solid Copper Coaxial Cable and is designed for those environments that need extended runs of outstanding, solid copper Dual Shield 60% coverage coaxial cable.

VERICOM Bulk Solid Copper Dual Shield 60% coverage Coaxial Cable is available in black or white styles and is packed in an easy to use, reel in box design, with coaxial cable that offers solid copper cable and is UL listed for outstanding satellite and broadband use.