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VERICOM Global Solutions is a global manufacturer of data, voice, video and security solutions providing unparalleled value and performance.

The widespread product offerings available from VERICOM includes cabinets, enclosure systems, racks, premise wiring cable and solutions, computer connectivity products, audio/video cables, bulk wire and cable, and broadband products and connectors. VERICOM offers a wide range of HDMI products, CAT5E and CAT6 Plenum Cable, Thermostat Wire, CAT5E and CAT6 patch cords, including VERICOM 90 degree patch cords, VERICOM Security Cable and thousands of other cabling and communication products. In addition, many of VERICOM's wide variety of products can be custom configured to meet each customer’s specific and exact product applications through the OEM capabilities of VERICOM.

An extensive product line allows VERICOM to meet the needs of virtually any industry that requires cabling and communications solutions, including technology, construction, manufacturing, hospitality, security, safety, education and healthcare.

VERICOM Global Solutions headquarters and warehouse facilities are in Knoxville, Tennessee, offering centrally located shipping access to the United States, Canada, the Caribbean and South America. If your company has specific cabling and communications requirements, VERICOM can work with your business to create products and to arrange for customized solutions for supply and product development.

Globally priced solutions allow VERICOM to provide quality products at industry leading prices. Dependable products, local service, and value are the key aspects to VERICOM’s winning product solutions. Quality products that will enhance the profitability of your business: partners together in success. For more information on the products that VERICOM has to offer, please contact us at 865-671-4455 or email at