Vericom Relay Racks

Perfect housing for servers, UPCs, and firewalls, Vericom Relay Racks are durable and customizable. Whether you are working on your next server room installation or supplying your network facility with equipment, Vericom has the relay rack solution for you.

Available in aluminum and steel, relay racks are designed in both 2 post and 4 post styles, as well as in a 2-post rack expansion kit that can expand existing relay racks. Convenient and economical, relay racks are a great way to organize your server equipment.

In this article, we will provide the common usages and applications of our relay racks and an in-depth look of the notable features of each rack in the Vericom Relay Rack product line.

Usages and Benefits

Relay racks are most commonly used by IT Administrators, Network Engineers, Data Professionals, and Security Installation Technicians. Their applications include server rooms, network closets, tight spaces, and A/V closets and rooms.

Relay racks offer a smaller footprint than a full-size enclosed cabinet and easier access to equipment or cabling installations. Our relay racks provide unrestricted airflow to equipment for maximum cooling, quick assembly time (15-20 minutes), and substantial load capacities. Additionally, relay racks are a multi-purpose option that can be used through a free-standing solution or mounted directly to the floor. 

Relay Rack Varieties

Our 2 Post Aluminum Rack System is made from high grade aluminum and is designed to work in a variety of rack system environments. They hold standard 19-inch EIA equipment and feature a depth of 15.0 inches (380 mm) with a width of 20.25 inches (514 mm). Constructed from 4 mm Aluminum Plate, this option comes with a static loading capacity of 331 lbs. and is available in either 42U and 47U.

The 2 Post Steel Rack System is constructed of 14 gauge, corrosion resistant, cold-rolled powder-coated steel. This option is available in 42U and 47U style and offers pre-drilled holes for floor mounting while also equipped with 4 adjustable, leveling feet. Sturdy and durable, the steel 2 post option has a depth and width of 23.625 inches (600 mm) and static loading capacity of 550 lbs.

Vericom's 4 Post Steel Rack System is designed to offer the stability of an enclosed floor cabinet and maximum cooling for your equipment at an economical price point vs. a full-size cabinet. This durable option can be fully assembled in less than 30 minutes and is shipped in an economical flat pack container at a reduced shipping cost. Our 4 Post System is available in both 42U and 47U models and is shipped flat to minimize any damage in transit.

In addition to our 2 and 4 Post Racks, we also offer a 2 Post Rack Expansion Kit. This kit allows you to upgrade an existing 2 post rack into a 4 post, 19” standard rack that can be used for any server configuration. Featuring standard EIA-310-D hole spacing, the 2-post rack expansion kit is quick and simple to install and is designed to combine flexibility with quality engineering.

In addition to these models, Vericom also offers a host of cabinet and rack accessories to customize your 2 and 4 post relay racks. From brackets, patch panels, cable managers and shelves to rack mount power distribution units, you can customize your relay racks to your server room or network facility requirements.

For more information on the full Vericom Relay Rack product line, browse through our products or contact us today!

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