Advantages of Security Cable Speed Coils

Vericom offers a wide variety of security cables for residential and commercial applications. We offer some of our high quality security cables  in convenient speed coil packaging to simplify your installation process. The advantages of speed coil packaging can greatly benefit your business and make your installations faster and more efficient. To understand the advantages of speed coil packaging, we are reviewing the features and conveniences of speed coils and why they are a convenient choice for our security cable customers.

The Basics: 
Speed coils are a great packaging and installation option for security cable. The speed coil packaging allows you to  puncture a hole in the middle and perform your installation with less hassle. Easy to transport and store, speed coils allow for faster job site clean up and convenience in tight spaces. Offered in 500 ft. packaging, our speed coils are tangle free and easy to manage. We offer them in 22 AWG in both 2 and 4 conductor unshielded CMR cable, available in solid and stranded cable varieties. 

The Benefits: 
Vericom knows that your time is valuable and that installations can be time consuming. Our speed coils provide a solution to enhance your installation experience through our ergonomically designed packaging. The cable is coiled and packaged in durable plastic that won't fall apart or rip in the field. Additionally, our coil is fitted in the plastic packaging to prevent tangles and knots in your wire. 

Vericom offers a number of security cable solutions for you - whether it's a residential or business application. We also offer offer a variety of installation supplies to make your installations more efficient and effective. Contact us today to learn more about our available security cables and installation supplies.