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VERICOM USB 2.0 and 3.0 Computer Cables

Whatever your computer connectivity requirements are, VERICOM™ can provide the solutions. VERICOM offers both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 computer cables, as well as DVI and VGA cables that are designed for outstanding performance at industry leading prices.

VERICOM USB cables are used to connect several different types of hardware to your computer. From printers, to keyboards, to cameras, USB is the most common and popular way to connect these devices.  VERICOM offers both legacy USB 2.0 products and new USB 3.0 products that use the new SuperSpeed (USB 3.0) standard. VERICOM USB cables are able to support 5 Gbps, a performance increase of 10 times over the Hi-Speed USB 2.0 standard. SuperSpeed is also backwards compatible, allowing your VERICOM USB 3.0 cables to work with USB 2.0 legacy devices.

Digital Video Interface cables from VERICOM can transmit digital and analog images from computers to digital monitors, connecting video cards to flat LCD screens and projectors, as well as connecting DVD players to HDTVs. VERICOM DVI cables maximize quality of signal transmissions and feature high-definition digital video signal as well as analog signal, depending on your cable choice. VERICOM offers 6 foot, 12 foot and 15 foot DVI-D to HDMI cables, along with HDMI Female to DVI-D adapter, each option made with top-of-class features that create the best available computer display.

Video Graphics Array cables from VERICOM feature premium 24 kart gold plated contacts and offer the ability to extend video display reach with molded 15-pin inputs to provide quality images and sharp visibility. VGA cables support today’s minimum video standard resolution while connecting a video device such as a PC monitor or projector to a laptop or desktop computer. VERICOM shielded VGA monitor cables are available in 6 foot, 15 foot and 50 foot lengths and offer superior construction that delivers sharp and clear signals with maximum conductivity and no signal dissipation.