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VERICOM Global Solutions OEM and Packaged Products

VERICOM is a global manufacturer of CAT5E and CAT6 cables, audio and video accessories, bulk wire, HDMI cables and a host of other data, voice, video and security products, which allows VERICOM to offer industry leading prices on a number of our products. In addition, VERICOM can also offer our customers another benefit--custom packaging for CAT5E and CAT6 Bulk Cable, along with custom packaging for nearly every other product that VERICOM carries in our inventory.

VERICOM works with clients to help fulfill retail and OEM sales with a variety of custom packaging options that are available. VERICOM can design and create custom printed packaging for clients on boxes of CAT5E and CAT6 bulk cable, as well as design, creation and packaging of header cards, blister packs, clamshells and other custom printed packages with customers' logos, colors, URL's and other custom printing information. VERICOM can work within your specific retail requirements to deliver your products quickly, efficiently and with outstanding results.

For more information on VERICOM packaging opportunities, contact VERICOM at 865-671-4455 or email for additional information.