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VERICOM HDMI Cables from the HDMI Experts

As a founding member of HDMI, VERICOM is proud to offer a wide variety of HDMI cables, available in a number of lengths and styles, for specific HDMI needs. VERICOM, the HDMI Experts, offer a number of High-Speed HDMI cables that are HDMI 3D rated, as well as supporting HDMI 4K, to allow your VERICOM HDMI cables to work with the latest advances in HDMI and television technology. VERICOM carries High-Speed HDMI cables in 30AWG, 28AWG, 26AWG, and 24AWG (gauge), 3 foot, 6 foot, 8 foot, 9 foot, 10 foot, 12 foot, 15 foot, 25 foot and 35 foot lengths and in eight different styles, including HDMI cables with dedicated 90 degree HDMI connectors on one end or both ends, HDMI cables with 180 degree or 360 degree swivels and HDMI to Display Port Male cables.

For those interested in future HDMI expandability, VERICOM offers HDMI cables with Ethernet channel capability that are designed to be used for emerging HDMI technologies that use Ethernet channels.

VERICOM also offers a black flat HDMI cable using 28AWG conductors for low profile discreet installations while also offering a black HDMI cable with a two-tone black and green connector and gold plated connector housing using 28AWG conductors for visual appeal.

A braided black HDMI cable with a completely gold plated metal connector using 28AWG conductors from VERICOM offers a dramatic effect for high value installations or installation that are visible.

The VERICOM banded HDMI product line offers HDMI 3D and 4K by 2K ratings and includes three different variants: the VERICOM V1000 HDMI cable has a green banded connector housing, a gold plated connector and uses 30AWG conductors  The VERICOM V2000 HDMI cable has a silver banded connector housing, a gold plated connector and uses 28AWG conductors.  The VERICOM V3000 HDMI cable is the premier VERICOM HDMI cable and has a gold banded connector housing, gold plated connector, uses 28AWG conductors and includes the optional Ethernet channel.

For those looking for a value priced HDMI solution, the VERICOM standard black on black HDMI cable uses the most economical nickel plated connector housing while featuring 30AWG conductors.

A number of different gold plated HDMI adapters are available from VERICOM: female to female HDMI splice, 90 degree male to female HDMI, 90 degree female to female HDMI, 90 degree swivel female to female HDMI, 180 degree swivel male to female HDMI, HDMI male to 18+1 DVI female, HDMI 180 degree swivel female to DVI 18+1 male, DVI 24+5 female to display port male, HDMI female to HDMI display port male and VGA female to HDMI display port male. VERICOM also offers HDMI Keystone Coupler Jacks with Female to Female Pass Through Connectors in both almond and white.